An Anointed Meeting – again!

What an anointed meeting! Thank you to all who came and nearly filled our room yesterday morning. So good to have Michelle join us for the first time. Welcome Michelle – do join us again. And good to have Rod R with us. Rod has been before some years ago, and was Michelle’s driver today.

So sorry John, Sue, Marcus and Diane were afflicted and unable to make it. Likewise Georgie, who was coming for the first time.

Thank you Bob, for leading worship. Thank you Malcolm for an inspiring testimony. Thank you Wendy L for psalm 116, Frank for sharing scriptures, Rod for exhortation, and words of encouragement from Billy, Barry H, and Cliff. Apologies to those missed!

Thank you to Shirlene for leading communion. Thank you to the Lord for all the above, and for inspiring a prophetic word of encouragement.

We considered the Songs of Ascents (psalms 120-134). Psalm 129. In reading psalms, I meet 3 people – the psalmist, the Lord Jesus, and Barrie. (You can place your name there instead of mine). In psalm 129, we read of affliction, but that the afflictors will not prevail.

The psalmist represents Israel, who have always been afflicted – Egypt, wilderness, Canaan, by Assyria, by Babylon,  numerous smaller nations, Greece, Rome, England (eg. under Canute), Germany…. This is because they are Gods people. Man, influenced by powers of darkness, is in rebellion against the Lord, his people, his word, etc. There is a war on. But Israel will be victorious – and turn to Christ.

The Lord Jesus. The psalm speaks of furrows in the back from scourging. The greatest battle in the war. And Jesus rose from the dead. Victory. He is at the right hand of the Father. Victory. He will return and establish his kingdom eternally.  Victory.

You and me. We are the Lord’s people, and the powers of darkness will assail us. We will walk through valleys as well as mountaintops. But he will bring us through as we walk with him. Victory. Embrace the promises. Look back at how he has looked after us in the past. Be encouraged.

Thank you Wendy for shepherds pie, and so much more. Thank you Lord for a time of sharing, fun, laughter.

We meet again next Sunday, same place, same time.

Later – Have heard from John and Marcus that they are both greatly improved. Such rapid answers to prayer. Thank you Lord.

HELP! Wendy and I will be away Sunday 23rd. We hope you will still want to meet. Any offers of venue? Please contact me (Barrie) if so.

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