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9th September 2018

A number of people away sick, makes little difference to numbers in a large, or even medium-sized, church. However, in a small fellowship such as ours, the effect is significant. We pray for the day when this will change. Tim is still on life-support, in a coma in hospital in Toulouse. Billy and Wendy are still having problems with their home, in addition to their ongoing health issues. So our numbers diminish.

We continue to praise God for his goodness to us, and spent time in prayer for Tim, Billy and Wendy, and for Moira with her eye condition. Since focusing prayer on her last Sunday, the consultant has told her the GP has been prescribing wrong medication, which has exacerbated the condition. So Moira is turning a corner, with the correct medication.

Thank you to Wendy for leading us in communion, and for Freya for helping. Freya starts at ‘big school’ tomorrow. Barry H shared some useful scriptures and insights, and we say Thank you to Wendy for lunch.

Our next meeting will be in Frettenham next Sunday. Usually me. All welcome.

If you are part of this fellowship, please continue praying for Tim, and consider phoning Anne with words of encouragement.

Gerald Tufts is known to many of us. He went to be with the Lord Saturday morning, around 6 am. Please pray for Marian and the family at this time.

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