Wine, Mary and Jesus

The weather forecast was good, so we gathered again on the patio. So good to have Bob leading praise and worship again,

and Shirlene back with us leading communion. She spoke of the cost in producing bread and wine, with a clear parallel with the cost to Jesus.

Neighbours across the Lane said they loved the singing, and turned off their noisy cleaning machine during ‘the sermon’.

We looked briefly at John 2. We need to know what the Bible says about issues, and not just what people teach, because they have been taught by people who have been taught!!! Back to the Bible.

Wine, Mary and Jesus. Forget the traditional teaching of churches, and look at the clear teaching of scripture. Wine that contains alcohol is not forbidden. Drunkenness is, because we should always be in control of ourselves. Nor should we become enslaved to it. And because we are free to drink alcohol, does not mean that we should do so. My favourite drinks are freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly ground coffee. And I enjoy wine.

Mary. Jesus said, ‘What have I to do with you?’ So we do not revere her as some denominations do, praying to her (as though she was God, and saying she was always sinless and always a virgin. Such teaching is wrong). But we should see her as an outstanding example of a godly woman, chosen by the Father, to give birth to the Lord Jesus.

Jesus. He made a whip and cleared merchants out of the temple. Meek and mild – no way! Our God has destroyed nations that despised Him, and will come and destroy such people in the end times described in Revelation. Yes, God is love, and we are part if His much loved family. But we need a biblical view of who He really is.

We prayed for those unable to join us, and enjoyed fellowship over refreshments.

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