We Prayed Them In!

A week ago Sunday, Wendy and I were worshipping in a Dutch church in a strongly Islamic area of Amsterdam. It was so different from what we are used to, but part of our Christian commitment is to identify with, and join with, church, wherever we are on a Sunday. And other days too, if possible.

It was good to be back. Having been laid low with a viral infection, and being woken on board at 5.30am Saturday morning, we had a good excuse not to be found with God’s people Sunday. But we want to be with God’s people, and it takes more than viruses and tiredness to stop us. 

There were few gathered at 10.30am Sunday morning, and so we prayed for those not with us,

and at around 10.40am, they started drifting in. There was laughter and praise. Most core people were with us, though Barry H sent a postcard from Spain, Marcus (recovering from a cataract op) sent apologies by Messenger, and John A telephoned to say how bad his feet were. 

Great praise and worship, and Malcolm spoke of how the presence of God had come down upon and among us. Wendy led us in breaking bread, and Rob spoke from John 4. Thank you to Tim, Maria, Shirlene and Ann for contributing into our time together.

So good to have Jonny, Tim, Debs, Caleb, Micah and Josie join us for lunch. So much chat and laughter – it felt like Christmas.

Quite a number of us met on Tuesday evening, for cheese +++, and fellowship and prayer – and wine for those who stayed.

Our next Liberty meeting is next Sunday, usual place and usual time, and Alan ‘Piano’ Smith, a 60s Rock ‘n Roll pianist will be with us. All welcome.

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