We Love His Presence!

Thank you to Bob and Connie for being with us, and Bob for leading us in praise and worship. Thank you to Marcus for sharing from the word, and to many, including first-timer Lucas, for leading us in prayer.

With several people away, the room was still full. If everyone who considered themselves a part of Liberty came on the same Sunday, it would be uncomfortably tight!

We love the loud, exuberant praise, but also the silence following worship filled with a sense of awe at God’s presence. The gifts of the Spirit, such as tongues and interpretation this morning, are welcome. But most of all, encountering God – sensing his presence, recognising him speaking, feeling his touch – is our desire. A desire that is so often realised as we come together Sunday mornings.

Thank you Wendy for spaghetti Bolognese.

At the end of last year, someone said to me, “When you’re away, we might go to other churches. But we will always come back, because there is something so special in the meetings here.” To those who go elsewhere at times, Thank-you for coming back. (And to those who have not come back, God bless you wherever you are). And it’s not just the meetings – so often people come into our home and remark on the presence of God here. Thank you Jesus.

Our next meeting here is next Sunday, same time, same place…. And do stay for lunch. There will be no meeting here on 7th and 14th April.

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