Walk, Worship, and Roast Pork!

The forecast was rain later, so we decided to walk earlier. Then the forecast changed to rain sooner, but we walked anyway.

We were hardly out of the house when a car flashed its lights and there was much waving and smiling. A friendly village. We wonder who they were.

We stopped and exchanged smiles and greetings with around 14 different people we met in 2s and 3s.

Most we have met before. And then the second coincidence of the day; I was thinking of a couple I had met for the first time 2 years ago, and 5 minutes later, there they were walking towards us. We stopped and chatted about Christmas lights and Christmas plans, and the way opened for a word of testimony.

Back home,

I recalled the first coincidence of the day. I am reading Deuteronomy and this morning was chapter 6. Coincidence – last Sunday we read that chapter and considered what the Lord was saying to us. Read it, and see what he says to you.

Wendy read part of Psalm 119, and we prayed and then spent 20 minutes or so in praise and worship. We felt we should read Deuteronomy 6 again. There are promises of long life, a wonderful life, prosperity (it really does, but that does not mean we are ‘American type prosperity gospel’), and so much more.

It also speaks of responsibility – to be real with the Lord everywhere, all the time.

Earlier we had read Proverbs 24 together; laziness has no part in our lives – we are to work. 

We considered how easy it is for Christians to love the promises whilst ignoring the responsibilities. And then one can come to doubt the promises. And that can lead to one doubting more generally. Be real with God – all the time.

Deuteronomy 6. Again, do read and consider it.

We had communion, and prayed and worshipped some more.

Then we gave thanks and enjoyed roast pork, washed down with some award winning Winbirri Bacchus 2008.

Would love to see you here next week, but under current restrictions, we are only inviting the Holy Spirit.

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