I was thinking recently about the underground churches in China and Iran and other countries hostile to the gospel. With the U.K. becoming more hostile, house churches could be the future for the Biblical church. Even today, we can be accused of ‘hate speech’ if we endorse what the Bible teaches on gender, on sexual activity, on other religions, etc. Many ‘Christians’ and many ‘churches’ are conforming to the world’s values on these subjects. Their doctrine is based, not on the Bible, but on sociology, science, psychology, etc. When the plain teaching of the Word of God differs from that of sociologists and similar, such Christians and churches choose sociology over and above God’s word. I was recently told to ‘get my Bible up to date’. Why? Because both Old and New Testaments consistently teach that homosexuality is wrong. But God’s word is eternal, and can only be changed by… cutting out pages?

Inking over passages? Saying that it is only ‘sort of’ God’s word… He didn’t really inspire the writers to record accurately… well, it’s just their ideas really. 

I believe the Bible is authoratively God’s word. Like millions of other Christians. Most growing churches believe that. Most big churches believe that. Most churches of younger people, with a future, believe that. Most churches that do not believe the Bible are full of old people, and get smaller year by year, until the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up outside the building. The world does not like us. But I will not conform to the world, and increasingly, the true Church in the U.K. will be persecuted for believing the Bible. For believing God.

When home gatherings were a maximum of 6 in the autumn, and we had 4 potential venues, it felt a little like the underground church. When I received a phone call suggesting praise, worship, fellowship and curry at a certain home the following Tuesday, I realised how we could operate if government screwed things down too far. Arranging venues at short notice could keep us ahead of the game. Ahead of the law.

If you’ve read this far – well done! For the present, when lockdown is lifted, we will meet at Frettenham Sundays, and other places midweek, if you would like that.

Wendy and I met this morning. Rarely apart, really! We worshipped, praised, read psalm 24 to start, and psalm 22 for communion. We considered the exhortation to open our doors, as per psalm 24. Individually, and as church. We prayed for each person who identifies with Liberty.

Please pray for Connie, who fell last week and is still in some pain. 

Please pray for John Alam, with angina, and who went to hospital on Friday for a stent to be fitted, and who was told his arteries are too narrow for one.

Please pray for Billy and Wendy, who have had family and health issues.

Please pray for Tim, who needs to renew his driving licence. Likewise me. We both seem to be having issues.

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