Toys – and worship!

“Every child bring one toy, and hold them up in turn…” Praise God we have been delivered from this crudest form of manipulation, copied by church after church to try and entice children and parents into their church buildings Christmas Day. And such an interminable bore.

We’re free.  Liberty indeed. Let’s worship God!

Christmas morning. Stockings. Kitchen. Breakfast. Then daughter and 2 granddaughters arrived. We worshipped God, singing carols, and having communion by the log fire, to remember Jesus’ birth and life purpose

Then Christmas lunch, and fun and laughter as family. A walk round the village, and home for games. And then pandemic restrictions – they had to leave.

Yesterday – Sunday. Wendy read psalm 135, and we considered things the Lord was saying through that, before moving into worship. Wendy had been spending time in 1 Corinthians, Galatians and Ephesians. Chapter 4 of the latter had an anointing for her.

Unity – difficult at times, but usually a joy with other members of the family of God. And later in the chapter, we read that everyone should contribute in ‘ministry’. For individuals and body to grow. Communion.

More worship.

Roast pork.

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