The Temple of God!

Wendy very often opens with a psalm. Last Sunday (21st March) she read Psalm 84. I remember it from schooldays, ‘How amiable are Thy tabernacles,’ or something like that. The swallow has a home, and the sparrow, but the psalmist feels at home in the temple. Our temple today is the people of God.

We miss meeting with others. We feel at home with them. We had praise and worship for 20 minutes or so, and read Mary’s song in Luke 2, which had been our reading first thing that morning. After communion we looked again at psalm 84. Life is like a journey through a desert. For multi-millionaires like Robert Maxwell, Richard Branson and Philip Green, it is still a desert, even with lots of toys, money, yachts, women, etc. We have springs of water in the desert – a life that is fulfilling and a destination to look forward to.

We prayed for each one who identifies with Liberty.

Then roast beef.

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