The Presence of God!

It was good to have John Alam with us. John was a virtual founder member, and has regularly brought words of encouragement to us. Getting over to us is not so easy these days, but it’s always good to see John.

We asked the Holy Spirit to come amongst us. Of course, He’s always here, because He is God, and is omnipresent. But we seek to encounter Him, to be touched and stirred and inspired by Him. We entered praise and worship, and some time later, Malcolm voiced what so many of us were thinking; namely, that the Presence of God was so close to us.

Bob was anointed leading praise and worship, and there were words of encouragement from Wendy, Cliff, Moira and Shirlene. Malcolm led us in breaking bread, and we considered the challenge of really seeking God, approaching Him, and encountering Him.

We prayed for many people known to be suffering, and for Ukraine. There was an offering to help support our friends Balázs and Claudia in Hungary, themselves supporting several families of refugee Roma people from Ukraine.

Our next meeting is next Sunday, 27th, to be followed by a Liberty lunch for all.

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