The Light of the World

We started by reading a passage that the Lord had laid on Wendy’s heart. Isaiah 49:22 – 26. It speaks of judgement and mercy. Wendy felt it was rather like the world we live in, where people act in a way that merits the judgement of God – and yet the mercy of God is so real, and we are so blessed.

We had a time of praise and worship for around 20  minutes, and inviting the Holy Spirit to fill the room. I really believe I sense His presence with us, and so often.

We came to communion, and Barrie read Isaiah 60. What has that got to do with communion? It is about the Light. After creation, man fell, and the whole world fell into darkness. God called Abraham, and made promises of redemption. He called the nation of Israel to be a Light into the world, and gave them scriptures, promises and prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah. Largely, they did not radiate the Light in the way they were called to. Then Jesus came, and said “I am the LIGHT”. At Calvary, the Light took on Himself all the darkness of this world, and disposed of it, rising again, and then ascending to heaven, and pouring the Holy Spirit on us so that we can be the Light to point people to Jesus. So we had communion, and thanked the Lord for His death and resurrection, and asked for opportunities to shine into people’s lives, and share the gospel.

We prayed for each person who is a part of Liberty, and some who we have not seen for a while.

We sang more worship, and adjourned for roast beef!

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