Strong Hills – Powerful God!

I enjoy the meetings when our sitting room is really crowded, and wish it was more often. The most at a meeting here was 29. And then lockdown, and just Wendy and me meeting – singing,  communion, prayer, sharing from the word, etc. And a roast! Loved it. And then it was 15-20 on the patio. Now it is 6s. I love meeting whatever, however, wherever, and you will not find me complaining.

There were 3 meetings today. Some were gathering at Catfield, and another 4 were meeting in a garden (Thank you Lord for sunshine). I can only report on the Frettenham meeting.

6 of us. A reading from psalm 125. Praise and prayer. Billy led communion. Testimony from Ann, and sharing by Billy.

We looked at psalm 121. The psalmist was looking at the hills, so was probably in the valley. The hills were so strong, but our help comes from the Lord who made those hills. We were in Dovedale recently – hills.

God is eternal, and always with us, past, present, future, day, night, whatever we are doing. I have cried out to the Lord when in the valley. He is not a crutch to lean on, but powerful to protect, sustain, restore. He restored my damaged emotions, health, and ravaged finances. He answers, especially those who take him seriously, spend time with him, and walk the walk with a generous lifestyle towards God and people.

I asked if someone would like to close in prayer, and after a short pause, there was a message in tongues and interpretation, just assuring us of the presence and love of the Lord towards each one of us.

If you would like to meet with us next week (probably 4 venues, possibly 5), please email me at by Thursday.

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