Special Bible Passages!

Last Sunday morning, we met as usual. Just two of us, because of lockdown. Wendy read psalm 1,  which is my passage for the year. If the Lord gives me a word for the year, I cannot read it too much.

I (Barrie) then read psalm 42 which I had read earlier by myself. But this psalm is special for Wendy and me. Do you have passages that are special for you personally, or special to you and your partner, if you’re married? Why is psalm 42 special to Wendy and me? We sometimes have a day of prayer and fasting together, and on one such day around three years ago, we read psalm 42, which starts, ‘As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for you.’ We prayed, and then went out to walk round the lanes praying. Almost immediately, two large deer joined us, ran alongside us, ran off, ran back, and then left. So memorable. Surely God was in our day.

We then read psalm 41 which speaks about God’s heart for the poor, and that he really blesses us when we look after the poor. We spent some time in praise, worship, communion, prayer….

Suddenly, well over an hour had passed, and the Tesco delivery man was banging on the door. We took delivery,

and then sang ‘Majesty!’

Barrie then left to pray for a man in Norwich, returning to enjoy roast topside. 

Please pray for –

Barrie is ‘live’ on an American radio show on Friday.

John Alam was having a stent inserted to help his cardiac symptoms. It was not possible. 

Tim is having much pain and discomfort from a leg infection which is not really resolving.

Connie had a fall recently.

Tim and Barrie are both overdue renewing their driving licences, and are sending in forms.

Moira’s eyes.

Wendy’s previous husband died suddenly from COVID-19 on Thursday. The family are grieving.

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