SO SAD – but…

My life is full of joy, and I express it often in singing – from the bedroom to the box room, from the pantry to the parlour, from the larder to the toodle-oo!

I sing! But I felt sad this morning, taking a phone from a lady early this morning, asking if she could come to Liberty (she has been, but not for quite a long time), and needing prayer. With new faces and social distancing, I felt the right decision was to ask her not to come. But Wendy and I prayed about her situation. Later, I felt my decision was wrong.

The Lord blesses us with sunshine on the patio every Sunday morning, and indoors, we have room for socially distanced 12 in both sitting room and dining room. 2 meetings? – if necessary, yes.

We enjoyed Bob leading praise and worship this morning,

and Malcolm leading us in breaking bread together.

Connie read like a BBC newsreader, and encouraging words from Bob, Malcolm, Ann and Fred.

Although not offering lunch after the meeting, we enjoy fellowship over tea, coffee, and this week, Danish pastries. 

Next week – same place, same time. We would appreciate it if you could let us know if you are coming (but not essential) as it helps us preparing chairs, cups, etc.

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