Short, simple pictures!

We met as usual the morning of Sunday 6th December 2020. Just the two of us – until restrictions are eased.

After committing our time together to the Lord, Wendy started by reading psalm 107, and instead of going into praise and worship, we spent time looking at the psalm.

I love this psalm. But then, I love whichever psalm I am reading. In fact, I love wherever I am reading in the Bible. How about you? Why is this? Because. if we are reading and listening, we will probably hear the Holy Spirit speaking and revealing things to us. That is exciting! That is spirit and life (John 6:63).

In psalm 107, we have lots of short, simple pictures of adversities that we face during life. One of them is pictured by sailors encountering a storm. That is like going through life and suddenly, through no fault of your own, life gets rough.

And there is another picture o.f someone being stupid and ending up a captive.

Another is a picture of people straying and ending up in a dry place. Wilderness.

And then God intervenes. If you are reading this, take a look at psalm 107, and you will probably find something of your own testimony amongst the lovely little pictures we find there.

We spent time just praising and worshiping the God Who has blessed us, as per psalm 107. His Name is Jesus.

We prayed for those who cannot be with us at this time.

We read from Exodus 12 (Passover) had communion and thanked God for Calvary.

We look forward to meeting together, the two of us, next Sunday, and look forward to being back with the rest of Liberty when restrictions are lifted.

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