We eagerly await the return of Christ, but this morning celebrated the return of Billy and Wendy, and Fred and Angie. Billy and Wendy had flown to the USA with a view to living there, but it did not work out. Now we are praying 1. for a British passport for Billy, and 2. a home to buy in the area. Fred and Angie used to come with another couple – until the other couple stopped coming. So this morning they were taxied to us, and it was great to have them back. We prayed for Barry H who was preaching at Watton, Connie who was unwell, and Mark and  Michelle who had family commitments. Malcolm and Moira were on holiday. We pray God’s blessing on all who identify with Liberty, whether present or absent.

I led praise and worship, giving Bob a break. With absences, we were blessed to be in double figures. We were also blessed that everyone participated. Especially Billy – great to hear the word of God straight from the shoulder, Texas-style. Shirlene reminded us that the church in Ephesus lost their first love. We need to be careful to keep our love for the Lord alive. Wendy read from Jude, and Fred and Angie led in prayer. Thank you to Cliff for leading us in breaking bread. 

We looked at Psalm 133, where the Lord exhorts us to live in unity. It is walking the walk and not just talking the talk. Encouraging, helping, speaking well of – it is like the dew on Zion and Hermon. Dew produces growth in areas that would otherwise be dry. Where there is unity, the Lord commands blessing. Growth.

We meet again next Sunday, 1st May, in Frettenham. 

Shirlene will start a series of 4 midweek Bible studies in June. Any wishing to participate should make sure Shirlene knows, and has their email address.

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