Return to Go!

Weather, sickness and the recent mini-exodus left us lonely yesterday (Sunday) morning. Barry H still has shingles, Tim had surgery this week and cannot drive for a while, and another emailed with gall bladder problems. Marcus was preaching elsewhere. Shirlene is back from the USA, but with the gales, trees were down and she was best at home.

So Wendy and I met, praised, worshipped, read, broke bread – just like at the beginning. In ‘Monopoly’ talk, it was Return to Go!

People come, and people go. That is church. Barry H was here from the beginning, and Shirlene joined us some years ago. Both share our vision. Bath are always here, unless there are holidays, sickness – or gales or snow.

Our vision is of a church where people can identify and exercise their gifts, and move in their calling. Not all share, or understand, this vision. Occasionally there are those who are more used to discussion groups. Some people say or do very little, but perhaps enjoy the worship. Do you want to grow? – then you need to use your gift. Use it or lose it – we make room for those who want to grow. 

Barry teaches, Marcus preaches, Shirlene shares revelations and is also pastoral…. Everyone is encouraged to move out in the gifts of the Spirit. Some do. We all praise and worship God. We are each on a journey. Some are moving, and some are resting. There are seasons.

Suddenly people arrive. Suddenly people leave. Suddenly more arrive. Sometimes slowly, and not suddenly. Church is an adventure. Sometimes one needs to hang in. 

Wendy and I are away for the next two Sundays, and then we are here for a while. Do join us.

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