Recurring Words!

Wendy felt she should read most of Acts 2, which was a word given to many of us at the FGB New Year conference recently. The importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit. The importance of speaking in tongues, which was the first thing the gathered disciples did when filled. It was a word well worth looking at again.

We spent some time in praise and worship, and then moved onto communion. We had been reading Isaiah 5 earlier together, and Barrie felt that one verse had been important to him. The Lord speaks of the vineyard he has built, and it has everything necessary to produce sweet wine, and yet the wine is bitter. In verse 4, the Lord says, “What more could have been done for my vineyard than I have done for it?”

That verse speaks of the complete work of making the vineyard. The vineyard spoke of Israel, and it speaks of God’s people today. Us! And the Lord has done everything possible and necessary to make us fruitful. The complete work of Christ. So we should be fruitful, and we should be thankful. Does it show in our lives?

Wendy completed reading Acts 2, speaking of fellowship and communion in the life of the Church in Jerusalem. We are part of the same One Church, and we continue to enjoy what they enjoyed – fellowship with Christ and with one another, and the complete work of Christ. Everything necessary has been accomplished on the cross.

We prayed for each person who identifies with Liberty!

We praised the Lord in song, and adjourned for lamb shanks and pinot noir.

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