The forecast was for rain, so we decided we could, under current restrictions, have a meeting of 6. And then the unexpected, of which we will say little, except that pro rata, we surpassed a baker’s dozen. 

Thank you to Wendy and Cliff for bringing appropriate scriptures, and for those who brought intercessory prayer for those facing challenges, or unable to be with us. I personally felt the closeness of the Spirit during the whole meeting, not least in the praise and worship time.

Thank you to Fred and Angie for leading communion.

Mike and Pauline are increasingly appreciated, not least in sharing a prophetic word of encouragement (Mike) on the drive whilst leaving. 

We looked at the psalms generally, and saw that in them, we meet 3 people – Jesus, ourselves, and a loving Father. For example, psalm 23 speaks of the shepherd, and psalm 24, the king of glory.

So, we meet Jesus. The psalmist is sometimes depressed, or elated, or perplexed, or needing guidance… we meet ourselves, and learn from the way these issues are handled.

The Father is found in most, if not all, the psalms; he protects us, provides for us, calls us into his family, etc.

We meet again next Sunday. Regular and irregular members will be emailed when the weather forecast is clearer.

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