Praise, Prayer and Word

Always good to meet to worship with other believers. Powerful prayer from Marcus, that the Presence of God would descend, and that we would experience Jesus in our midst.

Barry H largely recovered from shingles, and Shirlene back from the USA. Great praise – always! Thank you Tim for leading us in breaking bread together, for testimony from Anne, and for those laying hands on the sick, with prayer, in the chair pulled out to accommodate them.

We looked at psalms 133 and 134. Unity (Psalm 133) blesses the Lord and blesses people – blessing is commanded from heaven. Raising hands (Ps.134) – because the Lord is higher, because we surrender, because we look to receive, and because we reach out to Him.

Much banter and ministry around the lunch table, with more than anticipated staying. Jonny D always welcome. 

The final person left at around 4pm. That speaks volumes!

Next meeting is next Sunday, usual time and usual place.

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