Monday , 30 November 2020

Praise on the patio. Worship al fresco!

Praise on the patio. Worship al fresco. And socially distanced, of course. Thank you to Bob for leading a wonderful time. Then indoors, where the sitting room windows were open, and we gathered for breaking bread together, led by Wendy.

An encouraging word from Malcolm was much appreciated. We prayed for those unable to be with us, and as led with regards to other people and situations. 

I shared some thoughts from Ephesians 5. We are all children of God. Church leaders do not have a higher status than others, and in the New Testament Church, people did not have titles such as Rev, Pastor, Evangelist, Senior Pastor, etc. We all have the same status, we are all equally special to our Heavenly Father,  but we have different gifting and function.

We are to be like our Heavenly Father, representing Him on earth. This is not some ethereal or theological rhetoric, but practical. So we are told here to love and be kind to people we meet day by day, and to work this out within marriage, family and workplace. 

We intend to meet in similar fashion again next Sunday, 10.30am. All welcome (up to 30). It is helpful to know who (and how many) is coming. We are not offering lunch to everyone at this time.

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