Friday , 23 February 2024


Lockdown does afford more flexibility! The sun was shining, and as only Wendy and I were meeting, we had a short walk of a couple of miles or so round local lanes, discussing Passover, Pentecost, and their fulfilment and relevance to us personally today.

Back home, the meeting started late. It was Pentecost, and we sang ‘Holy Spirit, we welcome You’ a few times, and then ‘Give me oil in my lamp’. And then more. Praise and worship. We read psalm 48, and spoke of it’s relevance today, which launched us into a time of prayer.

We broke bread, drank wine, and remembered Jesus. We concluded with more praise and prayer.

For us, much better than sitting in front of a screen. For us, much better than traditional church, or big church. Participation causes us to grow. If you share our vision, join us when lockdown is over. All welcome.

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