Ovation under the Oak!

We felt it was too hot for Praise on the Patio, and so set up chairs for Ovation under the Oak.

Our God is worthy of all praise, worship, honour and glory. We gave Him a great ovation, led by Bob, an anointed worship leader.

So good to see folk who have joined us recently, and missed those who are away on the beach, or elsewhere. We love fellowship, praise, hearing testimony, etc and though we appreciate that Zoom and YouTube are more to some people’s liking, we delight in actually meeting. Social distancing, singing outside where a gentle breeze wafts germs (do we have germs?) away so quickly, are responsible measures to take at this time. So many people shared scriptures and testimony.

Thank you to my Wendy, for leading us in breaking bread and remembering Calvary.

What a joy to have Billy and Wendy with us again. So many months. So many trials. They told me they enjoy this blog, so I promised to include their photograph.

It was good to have a chair in the middle, and to pray for a succession of people with various issues. No laying on of hands, but reaching out.

No anointing oil, but ‘he sent his word and healed them’.

If everyone came, how would we cope? Many of our folk are irregular, and some are occasional, but if we hit 20 or more, we have 2 large rooms and could have 2 ‘meetings’ during these ‘unprecedented times’.

No Danish pastries this week, but much animated conversation and laughter around the garden over coffee, tea and huge cookies. (And no charge for such items!!!)

There will be no meeting here next week, as we have (almost) innumerable grandchildren and family staying, and will have a family worship time. You could too! 

Next meeting here is Sunday 16th August at 10.15am for 10.30am. Tea, coffee, and ??? after the meeting! Do come along.

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