We are told so often in scripture not to complain, and yet there seems to be so much from within the Church today. Look for the opportunities and potential! It was a bright morning Sunday, and with the lockdown, there was no set time for us to worship – so we walked in the early morning sunshine and enjoyed the fresh, crisp air.

And we talked about Genesis. I have just finished reading it, maybe for the 100th time! The first 11 chapters deal with the fall of man and all creation. That helps us understand the world we live in, and why it is the way it is.

At the end of chapter 11, Abraham gets a first mention, and from then on, the rest of the Bible is the story of salvation. There are hints of the Trinity in the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We learn from their examples. Promises to Abraham are promises to me – and to you! Ignore them if you like, or embrace them and enjoy. I wish I was a Joseph, but am more like Jacob. And even the really good guys, like Joseph, suffer pain on the way to glory.

We arrived home. Wendy can use the timer on the cooker, and I remember us going to church in  Aylsham, years ago, staying for coffee after the service, and coming home with guests and having a roast on the table within 30 minutes. Apparently not all wives can do that. I am a blessed man!

The guitar came out, and we praised God and prayed for our family and friends. We looked at John 6, where Jesus says He is the bread of life, and we had communion.

We sang and prayed some more, thanked God for His Presence, and proceeded to the dining room for roast lamb, around 7 veg, and washed it down with Pinot noir.

Why write a blog like this? Because what we do might inspire you, and if we read what you do, we ourselves might be inspired. We are here to encourage one another. Think about it.

Our next meeting is next Sunday. Due to lockdown, no-one except the Holy Spirit is invited! But you can meet in your home like we do in ours.

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