On a Journey!

Every meeting is different! Well, that is what we should expect, if the Holy Spirit is really the One leading us during these times. We do not always get it right, but we are learning. We are on a journey.

Welcome to Clare, with us for the first time, and sharing some uplifting verses from Revelation.

Thank you to Bob, for praise and worship.

Thank you to those who shared testimony, read scripture, ministered in the gifts of the Spirit (tongue, interpretation, and possible words of knowledge and wisdom contained within other items).

We prayed for regular members not present, and for some very real needs within families of those present.

We read Psalm 122, and then looked at the broader picture within the Songs of Ascents (Psalms 120 – 134). The Psalmist is on a journey, travelling from a place far from God and reaching the very Presence of God, where he is lost in praise and worship. It is a picture of those seeking to walk with the Lord. We start very distant from Him and by the grace of God, know more of Him in our lives day by day. Where am I on that journey? Where are you? 

It is a journey of growth, and we should be able to look back, maybe 5 years, and see a difference in ourselves. The growth should be in character and gifting – and in hearing the Lord, which enables the growth already mentioned. Our character should be more and more like that of Jesus. Ask the Lord where you need change, and ask His help. Launch out with regard to gifting – do what you have not done before! Learn to recognise the gifting the Lord has given you.

Sometime soon, we hope to look at Psalm 122 in more detail, as we travel through these Songs of Ascents. We are on a journey.

Thank you to Wendy for refreshments.

We meet in Frettenham 10.30am next Sunday. There will be lunch for all after the meeting. Bring friends, but please let us know if you are bringing many!

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