No Fragrance!

There may not have been a tangible fragrance in the air, but there was a sense of the closeness of the Lord. We prayed for Bob and Connie, both at home with head cold and chest infection respectively, and for Sue with vertigo. Our God heals, and we expect to see them back soon! It was good to have Billy and Wendy with us again.

I led praise and worship, Wendy had a burden for the youth of today, and Barry H gave some teaching on the subject, as he had been reading relevant scriptures that morning. Thank you to Cliff for leading in prayer, Malcolm for leading communion, and Shirlene for reading and sharing from psalm 50. 

Our next meeting is Thursday afternoon in Catfield. Our next meeting in Frettenham is next Sunday, 3rd July, when Jonathan and Paige Squirrell will be ministering. A Liberty Lunch will follow.

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