Move Forward!

It was so good to meet again, having missed a week here due to Christmas family invasion.

Thank you to Bob for leading worship, and to all who participated in the meeting.

The beginning of the year is one of those times when it can be appropriate to seek a word from the Lord. Such a word can enable us to move forward. Some people, once they are saved, make decisions based on what they feel is best. But what is the Lord’s way? Or, we can play ‘let’s pretend’ when it comes to hearing God and making decisions. Let’s be real.

Wait on God. Spend time worshipping, and listen. A promise to really embrace for the year, or something to do, or not do. What are the practical implications? Write it down so it’s not forgotten. And in a year, look back, and see how you have moved forward.

We meet again next Sunday, in Frettenham, and all who come are welcome for lunch. (It is helpful with catering to know if you are joining us for lunch. But not essential).

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