More New Faces!

We are told in scripture that we are not to limit the Holy One of Israel, and that our God does amazing things. I love the way He sometimes surprises us in in our personal lives, and in our churches.

We felt that our meetings would be small and quieter when the Lord moved a family on to a larger church where there is more for their children. However, He keeps bringing new people in, and last Sunday was yet again full of praise and the presence of God.

There was almost a sense of destiny when Ray and Ruth phoned early Sunday morning to ask what time we met. They both contributed into the meeting, and there were still quite a number of people around the dining room table at 4pm, ministering and praying together. That really is ‘church’. Ray and Ruth head up the Healing Rooms in East Anglia and also run Schools of Prophecy.

Another encouraging thing is that new people coming are saying that they want to come again. Could we be on the point of moving somewhere larger? How many people will ‘come back’ often enough to warrant such a move? We will wait on God with regard to this, and are aware that we ourselves will be away most of January and the first half of February.

Next week we will have two new faces with us – Rodney and Judy, who will be visiting from Surrey. Rodney has been a director of FGB nationally for a few decades, and they are lovely, gracious godly people. Also, Tim is hoping to be back with us following such a dreadful time of sickness. We continue to thank God for bringing him through alive.

So – next Sunday we meet at Frettenham, same place, same time, and lunch for all who would like to stay.

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