More New Faces!

New faces – we love to see new people joining us, whilst appreciating that not everyone is going to commit into the fellowship, and the vision the Lord has given us.

But it was so good to have Rob with us. Rob phoned during the week, asking if there was room for him. Room? I thought that maybe he would be disappointed, as the room is hardly packed.

Then Daniel arrived. Another first-timer. And both Daniel and Rob spoke into the gathering, as did most others present. There were tongues, interpretation, prophecy…. Sheila sang a tongue, Tim and Ann shared encouragement, clusters of grapes,

living stones built into a holy temple, bricks being built into a house….

Thank you Barry H for leading us in breaking bread, and to those who shared from the word.

Wendy was sick – so unusual, as we don’t do ‘sick’. But she was bed bound, and yet Freya (aged 5) busied herself making a Get Well Soon card, and others helped me produce Chilli con carne and Spaghetti Bolognese on time.


Next meeting is next Sunday, Frettenham, 10.15am for 10.30am. And do stay for lunch.

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