Why praise God? Because He changed my life forever, around 55 years ago. Why worship God? Because He is Who He is – God, Creator, One before we each will stand, Judge, Saviour, and so much else.

Why worship Him during lockdown? Because circumstances are a total irrelevance. So Wendy and I get the guitar out,

commit our time to the Lord, and sing His praises like there’s no tomorrow.

And worship Him. 

Communion takes us back to the Last Supper, and that takes us back to Passover. A people in captivity. An innocent lamb, slaughtered.

Blood on the lintel (horizontal) and  doorpost (vertical). Death where the word is ignored. Life and freedom where the blood is seen. Jesus and the disciples celebrated Passover, where Jesus told them He would be their innocent Lamb. The bread to remember His broken body. The wine to remember His blood. Blood on the cross (horizontal and vertical).

Life and freedom for those who accept Him. Peace with God (vertical) and between people (horizontal). 

Wendy read Deuteronomy 6. Foundational truths are not just for Sunday, but everyday, for all the family. Deuteronomy 6:4-9. We recalled reading the Bible to our children, praying with them. Some of our children do this with theirs. We then prayed for our children and their families today. And for our friends.

Lockdown laudation? Laudation means praise, and we will praise God through, well, anything. Currently, lockdown.

Next week we are in Tier Two. Tier Two Tributes? No-one is invited except the Holy Spirit. But you can praise and worship God where you are next Sunday – and everyday.

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