It was a joy to have Jonathan Squirrell with us on Sunday morning. His visit was booked around 3 months ago, and Paige would have been with us too, if health had permitted. 

With Covid and colds afflicting a number of our regular people, it was great to have a dozen people gather. Thank you, as ever, to Bob, for leading us to a heavenly place in worship, and to Shirlene for leading us in breaking bread and focusing on Calvary. A number participated in sharing scripture, testimony, exhortation and encouragement.

Jonathan shares our vision, and his ministry flowed amongst us. When the Lord calls a person, He also equips them. Moses felt unable to speak, but the Lord sent him to speak to Pharaoh. He also empowered him with a supernatural sign. We too are called, equipped and empowered. Whilst so many people tend to bring God down to our level (not believing he performs signs, wonders and miracles), we need to see that He calls us up to His level, and join him in His work. Take Him at His word (the Bible and words from the Spirit, and LIVE THE LIFE!

Christmas lunch – roast Turkey and a multitude of veg and condiments, followed by Christmas pud and/or fruit salad – was enjoyed amidst fun and laughter around the table. A great big ‘Thank you’ to Wendy for a wonderful spread.

We meet again next Sunday, Frettenham, 10am for 10.30am.

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