Let it get darker!

An advantage of church during the current restrictions, is that the time can be flexible. It was Valentine’s Day, and not only did we open our cards, but reminisced about our years together – the adventures, the memorable moments, etc. We read together, prayed and thanked the Lord for each other, and came down for breakfast.

Wendy read psalm 110, which is all about Jesus. And incidentally, the most quoted psalm in the New Testament.

We praised and worshipped for around 20-25 minutes, and then proceeded to break bread together, and remember Calvary.

We prayed for each person who identifies with Liberty, and also some who intend to start coming after the restrictions are lifted. And also, for some who we feel will return, and for others who will join us, but have not thought that far yet!

We read Isaiah 32, which we had read together in bed earlier. What a beautiful passage, starting with the King and his princes reigning.

We were reminded that the work is not just for the Lord, nor for us, but together. The chapter goes on to a time of hardship for God’s people, and after that, the Spirit being poured out and a time of bliss.

We considered how the world appears to becoming darker, and yet this must precede the return of Christ. If that is so, let it get darker, so long as we and the Church are becoming brighter. And every day, we are 24 hours nearer the day when the earth will be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.

We concluded with a song that was also a prayer for more love and more power.

And then a chateaubriand for Valentines!

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