Friday , 23 February 2024

Joy and Grief!

It was great to have the Taylor family with us on Sunday. Mikey and Lou are launching a house church at Red Lodge, near Mildenhall, next Sunday, and were interested to see our expression of church. Their two children Grace (11) and Ted (9) were perfectly behaved!! In fact, it looked like they were enjoying our time, as we sang some songs with actions, and also danced around a little. Or a lot. Such joy.

Wendy read psalm 1, and Mikey quoted from Jeremiah 17. Both scriptures liken the godly person to a tree remaining green in times of drought. An encouragement to stay in close relationship with the Lord during challenging times.

And then we turned to prayer for the Ukraine. Grief. It is hard to believe that such atrocities are happening within Europe. Many people prayed, seeking to cover various aspects of the situation there.

Cliff led us in breaking bread.

We looked briefly at the opening 2 verses of psalm 132. David wanted to build a house (temple) for the Lord, and would not rest, slumber or sleep until he had done so. Such passion. But God told him that his son, Solomon would build it. Their passion is an example to us. But they are also a picture of the Father and the Son and the Church. Building Church has been in the Father’s heart, but the work is done by the Son. Our passion for reaching out to people with the gospel is because we have the spiritual DNA of God Himself within us. Let it flow.

There was animated conversation and laughter over tea and coffee and snacks. We look forward to further fellowship with Mikey and Lou and family.

We meet in Frettenham next Sunday, 13th March, 10am for 10.30am.

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