Friday , 23 February 2024

Jesus is Ascended!

GREAT to be back home, and enjoying fellowship, praise and worship with Liberty people again. Blessed indeed! Loved the praise, led by Bob, and the Presence of the Holy Spirit among us. Thank you to Shirlene for leading us in breaking bread, and for all who contributed. Lovely testimonies of the grace of God in people’s lives. The anointing oil is running low, and more is on order! 

Matthew 5:1. Jesus went up a mountain and sat down, and the people gathered to Him. The introduction to the Sermon on the Mount. Teaching from 2,000 years ago, which is practical and as up-to-date as ever. But Jesus ascended and sat down again at His ascension, and that is where He is today.

The Holy Spirit brings His Presence to us, but He is seated at the right hand of the Father. He is seated! He is not pacing up and down, and worrying about how to sort out world situations – or your situation. Everything is in hand. He is sovereign. He is at rest. We can call out to Him for help – but in faith. All will be well. And on that basis, we prayed for one another this morning.

We meet next Sunday, same time (10am for 10.30am), same place (Crossways, Frettenham).

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