Jesus – in the psalms!

We met this Sunday, just the two of us, to praise, worship, have communion, and generally enjoy the presence of God. Wendy read psalm 49, which we returned to later. I read psalm 57, and noted a few things there –

David was taking refuge in the cave of Adullam (a natural feature) but in his heart, trusted in God. This spoke to us – use the natural aids open to us (medicine, vaccines, etc.) but always trust primarily in God.

Secondly, there was no limit to David’s praise. It reached to the heavens, even though he was in dire trouble.

Thirdly, there were those who had ‘dug a pit’ for David to fall into, but they themselves had fallen into it. We are to be patient, and we will see justice in unexpected ways at times.

We read that God would send out ‘mercy and truth. Mercy and truth came to us in Jesus. He upheld justice and truth, and where our sin demanded justice and punishment, He demonstrated mercy and became our substitute. We are always coming across Jesus, revealed in the psalms.

We spent around 20 minutes in praise, prayer and worship. We then broke bread, looking again at psalm 49, where we read about a ransom and redemption. No man can redeem another, or themselves. But there is a Ransom that ensures eternal life. There was Jesus in the psalms again! We thanked God for Jesus, and broke bread and drank wine. We prayed for every person who identifies with Liberty, and some we believe will come back.

We had a further praise time, and adjourned to the dining room for roast pork with a bottle of sauvignon blanc.

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