Isaiah 53

Wendy and I start each day by reading just one chapter of the Bible together, and praying. Last Sunday morning, it was Isaiah 53.

After breakfast, we spent time in praise, worship,

prayer, communion and the word. After praise and worship, we went back to Isaiah 53, which although written around 500BC, speaks so clearly about Jesus and Calvary.

In fact, the passage actually starts at Isaiah 52:13 and goes through to the end of chapter 53. It’s a beautiful passage – take a look at it. But here are just a few things that we noted on Sunday morning.

Verse 13. A Servant, but exalted.

Verse 14. He would be disfigured by what would happen to Him, and yet –

Verse 15. He will bless many nations and kings shall come to Him.

Verse 4-6. He was our substitute. He took our punishment for sin. Continue reading, because it is quite clear, and speaking about Jesus all the way through.

This led into communion, after which we prayed for each person who identifies with Liberty, and closed with a couple of praise songs.

Then roast pork –

and I broke a tooth on the crackling! 

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