A very misty morning, and some health issues, prevented a number of regulars reaching us, and yet – a great time of praise, worship, fellowship, and sensing the presence of God.

Thank you to Bob, for leading worship, including many Christmas carols. Thank you to Malcolm for a most inspiring testimony, leading into communion. Wendy read Zechariah’s prophecy from Luke.

We considered Immanuel. 500 years before the birth of Christ, Isaiah prophesied that a virgin would give birth to Immanuel, who would be God with us. Isaiah 7:14. He is with us today.  

He is with us when we walk through the valleys, though we often don’t realise until afterwards, and we look back. He is with us on the mountaintops, though we can easily forget him in the excitement.

We are usually between valley and mountaintop, and he is with us here too. Let’s remember this, and turn to him and pray for those we love, especially when they are in the valley, or indeed, on the mountaintop.

We wish everyone a really blessed Christmas!

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 2nd January, in Frettenham.

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