How To – on Sundays!

So what are you doing on Sundays during lockdown? Many people are sitting in front of screens, and are being blessed in doing so. Maybe Wendy and I would be too, but it would be tempting to be passive, and just sit there.

In order to grow, we have to exercise gifting. That is part of the ethos of the church called Liberty! – to recognise one’s gifting, to help one another to do so, to make way for each other and encourage. Someone recently gave a message in tongues for the first time.

One lady who is new among us had never, ever prayed aloud in church. Some other people new to us had never led a communion (breaking of bread) service. Well, they have now, and they have grown spiritually in doing so.

Wendy and I sat down together and committed our time to the Lord. Wendy read a psalm that the Lord had laid on her heart, and then we sang and worshipped together. I led communion this week, and we read of the Last Supper from Luke’s gospel and remembered Calvary.

Psalm 32 was on my heart following communion – the blessedness of the person who knows their sin is forgiven, and of promises concerning protection and guidance that the Lord makes to them.

We praised Him some more, and thanked Him for our time together.

(We then expected to have lunch, but found a radiator had just burst in the hall, spraying water across the carpet. It would not turn off. We thank God, and we thank Gren the plumber, for saving us from further damage. The carpet is drying out, and 14 new radiators are on order. We are indeed looked after. And yes, we did have lunch. Roast beef.)

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