His Presence!

What determines whether or not we have a strong sense of the Presence of God in our meetings? There is no definitive answer, though peoples’ hearts being right with God is important. Praise, which the Lord ‘inhabits’ (Psalm22:3) is another factor. Faith and expectancy are pleasing to God. And yet, there have been times when God ‘invades’ regardless of these things, and times when He seems strangely absent, despite doing all the right things. But we are currently in a season of blessing.

How good to have Mark and Michelle with us again. Also, Jessica, granddaughter of 17, who became ill while her mother was away in Scotland, and moved in yesterday. And today, she was very well. So was John Alam, who testified that whilst in hospital a few weeks ago, all the lights on the instruments surrounding his bed went out. One of the consultants mentioned ‘paddles’, John prayed, and all the lights came back on. Phew – praise the Lord. We had been praying for John too, and for Sue and for Cliff, who both testified this morning to being so much better.

We praised and worshiped, led by Bob on keyboard. There was singing ‘in the Spirit’. There was a prophetic word of knowledge.

Michelle felt the Lord give her scriptures, and these flowed into the breaking of bread. Michelle led us in this. 

We prayed for a family in particular need, who were unable to be with us. We also prayed for friend and brother Neil, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and suicidal. He was to be made homeless.

We looked at psalm 131. We are beholden to walk in humility. That is being real, and it pleases the Father, who blesses the humble. It is a place of rest and contentment. One key is to fill our thoughts and lives with Jesus, meditating on his word, and offering words of continual praise and thanksgiving.

After Cliff had closed in prayer, we received an email to say that Neil had received temporary housing, and that a brother had set up a fund to support him. Praise God.

We meet same time, same place, next Sunday, 20th February. The following Sunday, 27th February, Jonathan and Paige Squirrell will be with us, and all are invited to our Liberty Lunch after the morning meeting.

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