Go For It!

It is always good to have Shirlene’s daughter Sam with us, and also to have Aaron back with us – a second-timer! I led praise and worship, and thank you to Bob and Connie for leading communion. There was testimony, prayer, and various words. We were about to pray for Shirlene’s eye (cataract) when Frank read from Luke 11, about prayer. We prayed in faith.

Barry H spoke about the story Jesus told about the man at the dinner party who was told ‘to come up higher’. We need to continually be looking to move to a higher place in the Spirit. Move on. Launch out. Go for it.

Later, Sam read from 2 Kings 4, the story of the widow who was bankrupt. She had nothing left except a little oil in a vessel. She owed money to many. She asked Elisha what to do. Elisha told her to borrow vessels, and keep pouring oil into them. She had been direct in asking Elisha to meet the need, and received a miracle. Jesus has paid the price for our full salvation. If it’s been paid for, then it’s ours. Be direct. Ask the Lord for what’s promised. Kick darkness out. Go for it.

The meeting next Sunday is at Catfield. If possible, let Shirlene know if you intend to be there.

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