At last, Covid restrictions are lifted and we enjoyed ‘Freedom Sunday’! Old friends returning balanced out those on holiday or being cautious in view of adverse weather forecasts. So, a room full of praise, worship, prayer and joy.

Thank you Bob for leading our worship, and to Mike and Pauline for leading communion. Scriptures from Wendy L and Billy. Testimony from Wendy S.

I read psalm 121. We look to the hills, but our security lies in trusting the Lord who made those hills. The temptation was for Israel to trust for security in the surrounding hills. What are our hills? – money? personality? ability to work? tradition? The people of Jerusalem trusted in the hills, and Jerusalem fell. There is a clear message for us today. 

All the promises in the rest of the psalm are ours if we trust in the Lord. We learn to trust in him by listening for his voice as we read scripture, listen to Bible teaching, etc;  as we listen to others speaking of their experience of God; as we launch out and pray in times of need, or for others in need.

During this time of teaching, one person was healed of chest pains, and another received a word of wisdom which unlocked a problem situation.

Everyone stayed to lunch, and there was much laughter and fun, as well as sharing and encouraging. Thank you to Wendy L for an excellent meal. Likewise, more laughter and discussion on the patio in the sunshine until mid to late afternoon.

We meet same time, same place next Sunday. Refreshments to follow the meeting.

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