Sickness, holidays, house renovations and other things left us rather thin on the ground… with guest speakers coming, and a Liberty lunch. (But so many more than a few years ago). This is a downside of small house church, but daughters locally can always use a pile of quiches and container of cold meats. And speakers anointed by God see his sovereignty in all things. 

The upside – hey, the Spirit is free to move here, in a way I’ve never seen in larger and more traditional churches. A sense of God’s presence invading us, and overwhelming us. Thank you to Cliff for leading communion, and for testimony from Connie. 

Thank you to Jonathan for bringing God’s word from 1 Peter 1. We live in dire times – but there have always been dire times! Greater is He who is in us. We should encourage one another, live the life, and make a difference.

Thanks to Wendy for a feast at Liberty Lunch.

Next meeting – Bible study, 2pm on Tuesday in Catfield. And next Sunday in Frettenham.

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