Family and football

We have lots of grandchildren. “One of the best things about staying with Grandpa and Nannie, is the church in their home on Sundays,” a granddaughter confided in her mother. 

We have had 9 grandchildren and a few daughters and a son-in-law staying, and apparently they were looking forward to the Sunday meeting (and lots of curry, and dinosaur park, and….) Until they realised that the World Cup football final (Ladies) was on Sunday at 11am. We have granddaughters (and grandsons) who are keen footballers. Also, our 4 Dutch granddaughters pointed out that the English coach is a Dutch lady. And then a word of wisdom – bring the Sunday meeting forward just half an hour to 10am, and worship, break bread, etc. for an hour, and then have football, and hotdogs, snacks, drinks, etc.

The sitting room was heaving. Lots of family, and Frank and Alfie arriving a little late, because he had called round on Yolanda and brought her along too. A great time of worship and prayer was followed by breaking bread together led by Malcolm. He testified of how he had come to know and love Jesus. Barry H gave a very short précis of psalm 19 – first half tells us that the world around us speaks of the Creator God, and second half says that if we want to be happy in life, amidst all of the troubles life brings, read your Bible and live the way it tells you.

Others joined us as the meeting ended, and we put the television on just as the game started. Wendy brought through buns, beigels, hot dogs, bacon rolls, drinks, etc. throughout the match. There must have been around 30 of us. Or more. Pity England lost.

Our next meeting is next Sunday morning, in Frettenham.

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