Encouraging Words!

After being away at conference last weekend, it was so good to be meeting together, and to hear such good reports of the meeting at Malcolm and Moira’s home last Sunday.

Cliff and Sue were praising God. Sue’s chronic health challenges have resolved, and she is in faith for continuing good health. Cliff had surgery during the week, and we prayed for rapid and complete healing.

How good to have Issar and Anna Hussain with us. Issar is a dentist in Norwich, and his father spoke at the December FGB dinner.

Thank you to Bob for leading us to a heavenly place in worship, and to Connie for sharing encouraging testimony.

Thank you to Barry H for sharing an encouraging and challenging word. We are all different. How are you different? God likes to use us in the ways we are different. Left-handed sling-throwers were especially useful in the Israelite army, as were left-handed trench-diggers before mechanised diggers.

We are sometimes called to do unusual things, such as build a large boat in the desert, or attack a fortified city by blowing trumpets and shouting. The church can be too middle-class; even pretentious. There are ‘showmen’ who are out to catch attention, but the Lord can call us to do unusual things. Speaking to people, praying with people, doing sacrificial acts of kindness. How might He use you?

Cliff led us in communion. We prayed for a number of people, both present and absent, who need a touch from the Lord at this time.

We meet at Frettenham next Sunday, 10am for 10.30am.

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