With the ‘6’ rule, we are getting used to multi-siting on Sundays. Also, one member recently met someone who later tested positive, so they are self-quarantining. Others are increasingly cautious, which is good practice.

There are many promises for the believer in psalm 92 and elsewhere. How else can this psalm be interpreted? Just for Israel? Just for that time? I think not – the promises are eternal. But there are also many scriptures about prudence. Prudence means common sense. To ignore the danger could be seen like the snake handlers in the USA. In my opinion, there is a lack of common sense there. So we embrace the promises, without taking unnecessary risks.

With just two venues open, at Catfield and Freethorpe, we were thin on the ground today. Catfield was especially thin, and four were expected at Freethorpe.

In Frettenham, the two of us had a time of praise, worship, prayer and communion. We looked at Isaiah 54, which I had been reading much earlier (around 5am) this morning, in the Today’s Living Version. Read it, and get excited. Extend, and spare no expense. Bursting at the seams. GROW! Dear friends, there will be a time, maybe soon, when those hungry for God will be pressing in. 

May we never employ the razzmatazz, and never limit ministry to a select few. If Jesus is Lord, allow the Spirit to move freely. May we never go in for ‘control’. Always encourage one another to step out in gifting. Make room for one another. There will be problems – but we have a God Who is always bigger.

Next Sunday, there are no formal meetings. Wendy and I are at a church in Lincoln, virus permitting, and a few folk have birthdays and family with them, plus a few quarantine issues. Make informal arrangements amongst yourselves, if you would like worship and fellowship. Please take the situation seriously. And pray for one another.

On Sunday 25th, we should be back to the new normal, probably with four venues. If you would like to be accommodated (and we do need to book people in due to the ‘6’ law), email me.

Your bro,


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