Building a Temple!

It will be good when more of us can gather, but just the two of us here continue to enjoy praise, worship, communion, the word and prayer.

Wendy had been reading from Ezra, and spoke of how temple building can be relevant in view of New Testament teaching that the Church is now the temple. She continued, reading Psalm 34. What a wonderful scripture, including the words that people looking to the Lord are radiant. Amen! We should be different. 

We praised and worshipped the Lord for 15-20 minutes, after which Wendy read Isaiah 53 and led communion. We then looked at Psalm 132, and of David’s desire to see the construction of the temple. In fact, although it was in his heart, it was the son, Solomon who actually built it. And so we have a picture of Father and Son, and of Jesus building the Church. We considered other scriptures following that theme.

We closed with more worship.

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