Blessed are the poor in spirit!

Visitors are always welcome, and it was good to have Mike and Gill from Cornwall with us on Sunday morning. There are usually a few people away, and with 2 couples on holiday, and one couple investigating the possibility of moving to France, we were surprised to find the room quite full.

Great praise and worship as always, with many manifestations of the Spirit, through tongues and interpretation, prophecy and anointed words. 

We considered Matthew 5:3. The poor in spirit are those who recognise their need of God, and their inadequacy outside of Him. I often cry out for more understanding. The more we understand, the more effective our lives will be, and the more pleading to our Father. And the more we realise our inadequacy, the more we will receive from God. Ours will be the kingdom, and we can take the kingdom wherever we go. Inadequate people become world-changers.

We need to receive more and more of Christ, and remembered this as we partook in communion. We then prayed for a few folk who needed a touch from God, laying on hands and anointing with oil.

Our friends from Cornwall were quite impacted by the Spirit during this time. I hope we each were.

Our next meeting is on Thursday in Catfield. Next Sunday we meet in Frettenham, usual place and time.

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