Be a Butterfly!

A little over twenty gathered, and welcomed a few visitors among us. Thank you to Bob for leading us in praise and worship,

and Cliff for leading us in breaking bread.

Thank you to Billy for a word of encouragement, and likewise Rod S. Thank you to Wendy S for testimony. 

It was so good to have Jonathan and Paige Squirrell with us again, and Jonathan gave a word of encouragement, especially pointing out that the need for people to host the meetings while we (Barrie and Wendy) are away need not be a problem, in that different people would host in different ways, according to gifting. Paige spoke from Ephesians 1, especially encouraging us to see who we really are in Christ.

A caterpillar has the same DNA as a butterfly, but only uses half until it metamorphoses into a butterfly. Likewise, we are encouraged to use all our spiritual DNA. We are children of God, so lets live as such. We were chosen before the foundation of the world, and God does not make mistakes. We are God’s inheritance! Let’s get freed up, and be the people we are called to be.

Malcolm thanked God for Jonathan and Paige, and prayed His blessing on them. Bob led us in a final song of worship, and Barry H closed in prayer,

Wendy had prepared salmon and a variety of meats and salads, and Shirlene brought carrot cake and coffee cake. Those assembled at lunch sang ‘Happy Birthday to you’ to Barrie, who blew out the candles on the cake.

Our next meeting in Frettenham is on Sunday 2nd October.

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