Friday , 23 February 2024



What a stunning time this morning. Once again, with a number of people away, we were expecting a very small number. But Marcus was back, and Rob is now with us regularly, and Daniel was also with us for a second week. Plus several regulars.

The presence of God in the praise time was awesome,

and Rob relating a dream was more than moving.

Thank you to Daniel for sharing positive truths to inspire us, and then Marcus sharing from Revelation 21 was an anointed time. Thank you Tim, for leading us in breaking bread. In fact, almost everyone contributed, and Daniel’s prayer for the government and the nation, partly in English and partly in tongues, was yet another memorable aspect of a stunning meeting.

Thank you Wendy for taking little Freya out for a time together, and thank you Shirleen fort bringing a casserole, and Wendy for roasting gammon.

As we go forward into another week, we do so with the word of God burning within us. We are meeting in Frettenham every week until 22nd September, so – we hope to see you here next Sunday, 10.15am for 10.30am. All welcome for lunch.


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