All Change!

I have said before that, while we are a small church, a few people being away sick or on holiday leaves quite a hole. This week, a family of 5 have moved on, and we will miss them. We say Goodbye to James and Amanda and children, thank them for all their ministry and contributions into ‘Liberty’ during the past four and a half years, and pray they will be blessed indeed as they join Proclaimers Church, which is nearer their home.

So, with one regular member visiting grandchildren on their birthday, one with angina and his central heating having broken down…… we were expecting quite a small gathering. But our God is full of lovely surprises for us! Some we had not seen for a while, some we see periodically – the room was comfortably full. Wendy dashed out and put more food in the oven!

It was good for those of us present to praise and worship the living God, who has answered so many prayers in this room, healed so many people, and spoken to us through his word and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Almost everyone participated in the meeting. Wendy found she was unexpectedly doing Sunday School, and taught on the Christian’s armour of Ephesians 6.

We enjoyed good food and the usual laughter around the lunch table. Some could not stay – so Wendy’s extra in the oven will have to be scoffed during the week!

During the past week, we have had people enquiring by telephone and Facebook messenger about Liberty. Maybe the Lord is moving some out before moving others in, or maybe not. It’s his church to do as he likes with – that is why we call him Lord.

The next meeting is next week, same time, same place. All welcome.

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